Text Marketing

Why are consumers so eager to respond to marketing text messages?


 It’s Interactive

21st century marketing is about having a conversation with your customers, rather than shouting at them. A world saturated with intrusive advertising like spam, pop-ups, and commercials has overwhelmed consumers. Increasingly, they tune out messages broadcast to a wide audience, whether by using digital video recorders to skip past commercials, or simply by ignoring the banner ads on their favorite website.


 It’s Personal

Your customers expect you to speak to them, and text messaging allows you to reach them individually, whenever, wherever, in the palm of their hands. This reach is of value to you the marketer. It also is of value to your customers. With a few taps of their thumbs they can respond to whatever message that you have sent them. With text messaging you can build relationships with your customers.


 It’s Immediate

Text Messaging, like Twitter, and Instant Messaging, is blazingly fast. With text messaging you can communicate with your customers as speedily as they are now accustomed to living. You can also move quickly. Say you are a winter wear shop and you see that today a snowstorm is on its way. In less than five minutes you can send a text message to your customers containing a special offer on hats and gloves.


 It’s Trackable

When you send out text messages to your customers you can see, in real time, who has responded to your message.

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Easy To Use

 Manage Subscribers

Our product is a complete suite of tools to manage your subscribers, separate them into groups and even have a one-on-one conversation with one subscriber; automatically handling opt-ins and opt-outs for you.

Send your message to a targeted audience, increasing customer engagement and reducing opt-outs. Tag your customers via the control panel or automatically when they respond to a keyword.

Schedule Messages

Schedule your messages the night before or even a year in advance to go out on a specific date and time. Keep your customers informed using a automated, recurring schedule.